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Plantation Shutters in Bradenton & Sarasota, FL


Like a piece of fine furniture, plantation shutters make a bold statement and create that elegant grandeur of the past.  Whether your décor is tastefully traditional or creatively contemporary, plantation shutters complement every style and fit every window and door.  They can be customized in different colors, stains and styles to seamlessly balance with every interior and exterior, adding a dynamic visual effect.  In essence, plantation shutters offer stunning curb appeal while capturing the feel of a southern setting and infusing it into a sleek, strong design.


Designed with total safety in mind, plantation shutters have no cords or wands so that children and pets stay safe.  Instead, plantation shutters have operable 2-1/2", 3-1/2" or 4-1/2" louvers that rotate open and closed.  The louver size and tilt position determines the amount of light, privacy and visibility that a room receives.  They have an ease of movement that makes every configuration and adjustment effortless.  Shutters are also insulating; they help to repel the elements so the ever-increasing costs of heating and cooling your home are reduced.

Designed with incredible function in mind, plantation shutters are offered in several types to fit your preferences.  They can be fitted onto French doors and over sliding glass doors.  The options include standard hung, double hung, café style, by-pass/by-fold and specialty shapes like arches, circles, octagons, trapezoids, etc.


The perfect combination of aesthetic and functionality, plantation shutters are a favorite among window treatments.  The origins are considered to date back to ancient Greece.  The louvers were fixed since they were constructed from natural stone like marble.  After the concept spread through the Mediterranean, the marble was replaced by wood to allow for louver flexibility.  Eventually, they were brought to the Americas by the Spanish, gaining the name plantation shutters from their presence in grand mansions on cotton plantations.  This classic, versatile and timeless design still remains unparalleled today.


As part of the elite, hardwood shutters exude confidence and flair.  Crafted from real wood, these sophisticated shutters offer strength while remaining lightweight.  Hardwood is the best choice for stained shutters and will show the detailed wood grain.  The paint and stain selections for hardwood shutters are endless, providing a flawless color match to your home.  The meticulous craftsmanship and exquisite finish of hardwood shutters are the testament of their extraordinary quality.


A blend of natural and modern materials creates the best of both worlds.  Composite shutters embody appearance and affordability at its finest.  They are resilient against direct exposure to moisture while still having that striking, traditional appearance of its hardwood counterpart. This is also a wonderful alternative if you’re trying to limit your natural resource consumption (such as wood) and limit your expenses while still receiving the exclusive, hardwood look in a gorgeous shade of color. 


Coated with a glossy, satin finish, polysatin shutters remain an elegant form of perfection throughout their lifetime.  These UV resistant shutters are guaranteed to never fade, discolor, crack, peel or chip, regardless of high heat or moisture.  This makes polysatin shutters a great choice for bathrooms because of the high moisture in bathtub or shower areas.  Those with an aluminum core offer exceptional stability and are also guaranteed not to warp (bend, swell, distort).  This less expensive option combines the highest level of durability with a flawlessly modern design that comes in clean, stunning shades of white.  Cleaning and dusting are quick and simple when only a soft cloth or feather duster are needed.  Shutter panels can also be completely lifted off their hinges and rinsed with a hose if necessary.

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