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Cellular Shades

Often referred to as honeycomb shades, cellular shades are exceptionally designed to complement every décor and provide several benefits.  Available in a vast selection of fashionable colors and fabrics, these shades can bring a contemporary splash of color and texture to a large window or appear neutral and minimalistic to complement a more traditional style.  The soft, luxurious fabrics exist in different light control levels.  Whether sheer, light filtering or blackout, cellular shades create the perfect setting in any room.  You also have the ability to combine vertical cellular shades with horizontal cellular shades to create a complementary look throughout your home.

Cellular shades are constructed with stylish, cellular-shaped pockets to:

  •          Offer various degrees of light filtration
  •          Keep air from either entering or escaping your home
  •          Provide an insulating layer for ideal temperature maintenance year round
  •          Decrease glare and heat

A unique feature is the top-down/bottom-up option which allows you to lower shades from the top and raise shades from the bottom.  This is a perfect feature for a bathroom or bedroom where privacy is frequently required on the lower half of the window but one might desire to allow natural light into the room or still appreciate a view with the upper half open.  Cellular shades are also offered in specialty shapes, such as arches and trapezoids and provide the best solution for insulating a skylight.

With three popular insulation options (single, double and triple), you have control over your home’s energy efficiency.  However, energy efficiency isn’t the only advantage that cellular shades offer.  Thanks to multiple layers of cells, cellular shades are excellent at noise reduction and maintaining their original color.  Cellular shades can also maximize a room’s view because the cells create a very minimal vertical or horizontal stack, creating a neat, open look.  Cellular shades are also available with a range of operating systems including: continuous cord loop, cordless and motorized lift.  No more pull cords, producing a clean, neat look around windows and a safe environment for children and pets.  Some cellular shades are also available with side tracks to eliminate light openings on the sides of your windows as well, if you desire a darker atmosphere.

  • Continuous Cord Loop – A loop of cord on one end of the shade that raises and lowers the shade when pulled, remaining the same length regardless of whether the shade is up or down. The long, unattractive cord dragging on the ground when the shade is raised is eliminated and replaced with a streamline continuous cord loop.
  • Cordless – With the touch of a finger, the shade can be easily raised or lowered to your exact satisfaction.  Without the need for any cords or remotes, cordless shades provide stress-free positioning.
  • Motorized – With the touch of a button, these shades effortlessly maneuver in any position.  The modern appeal, ease of use and practicality for high windows makes motorized cell shades an excellent choice.

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